Last update April 18th, 2019
Last update April 18th, 2019


Booklet 2012
  • Size:120x14 cm
  • Folded size:10x14 cm
  • Color:4+4 (cmyk)
  • Paper:250 gsm coated
  • Printing:Digital
  • Quantity:3

'Word As Color' is a project that suggests another way of reading by means of communicating with the reader. Instead of giving the presented meaning of the word, it puts the meaning of the word forward and detracts the word itself. It is a try at making a new reading possible and making people perceive in a new way. Creating a playground like in 'Fill In The Blanks' game, it asks the readers questions in which the answers are obvious. It aims, therefore, to make people perceive a concept in a different way by transforming it.

Thanks to Nilüfer Şaşmazer.