Last update January 3th, 2019
Last update January 3th, 2019


Corporate Identity 2017
  • Size:Variable
  • Color:1+0 / 2+0
  • Paper:Variable
  • Printing:Digital

I was invited to redesign the identity of the Contemporary Istanbul art fair. The concept of the identity is the meaning of the word ''contemporary'' which means ''together with time'' in Latin, signifying the present. The present time divides time into two, namely as past and future. This division also refers to the geography and psychogeography of Istanbul. In that context I designed a logo by manipulating the existing logo and dividing it into parts. To further support the idea of division in the logo, I used a divided rectangle (or two seperate rectangles so to speak). These rectangles are non-representative elements in a suprematistic view. They are also empty spaces calling to be filled.

Thanks to Burcu Öztürkler and Aykut Şengözer. Not realized.