Notebook 2010
  • Size:75x100 mm
  • Cover color:2+0
  • Coverpaper:300 gsm laminated
  • Paper:80 gsm uncoated
  • Binding:Thread sewn
  • Cover:Soft
  • Printing:Offset
  • Quantity:500 (each)

Notebooks used to be sold by weight in the past. In reference to this tradition these notebooks are classified by their weight. The most difficult part in the design process has been to exactly calculate the amount of paper to be used in order for the final weight of the empty notebook to be correct. It is also a way of weighing one’s thoughts since after a notebook is filled, it will have a different weight. The Gram Notebooks were awarded with the design of the year prize by GMK and sold were sold in selected design stores such as in MoMA as part of the Destination Istanbul project in 2011.


In collaboration with Pınar Akkurt.