Logo 2019

Logo design for a theatrical happening in both Düsseldorf and Istanbul. Panorama Radio asks people to visit with a car. The participants are taken on a sightseeing tour by a guide, who talks about public issues. The question "Is it possible to create a community from a temporary situation in a private space?" is posed according to a previous survey conducted by the organizers.  


The idea for the logo design is based in set theory and Venn diagrams.


Set A = Radio

Set A' = Panorama

Set U = Düsseldorf/Istanbul where U stands for universal set, meaning that it contains both A and A’.

A u A’ = U where u stands for union. 


The event takes place within the defined borders of a city (U). The car (Radio) is a closed, private space moving in the universal set Düsseldorf/Istanbul surrounded by its complement PanoramaThe emphasis is on the union of the sounds inside the car and the visuals the participants see during the sightseeing tour, this union is Düsseldorf/Istanbul.

Thanks to Ayşe Draz and Marlin de Haan.