Book 2015
  • Box size:37x53 mm
  • Book size:30x45 mm
  • Pages:56
  • Box color:1+1 (black)
  • Cover color:1+0 (black)
  • Page color:1+1 (black)
  • Box paper:Sticker on match box
  • Book coverpaper:250 gsm uncoated
  • Paper:115 gsm uncoated
  • Binding:Perfect
  • Cover:Soft
  • Printing:Digital
  • Quantity:10

When thinking about making a very small book, there is no limit to "smallness". In order to restrict the definition area, a book was designed that could fit in a match box, which is a small object of daily life. Deciding on the content, it was suitable to choose Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Match Girl. In general the content comes first and the design follows. This book is an example of an opposite design approach. 

Thanks to Azrâ Genim and Murat Çetin. The project was realized with the permission of the Hans Christian Andersen foundation in Denmark.