Last update April 18th, 2019
Last update April 18th, 2019


Book 2015
  • Box size:37x53 mm
  • Book size:30x45 mm
  • Pages:56
  • Box color:1+1 (black)
  • Cover color:1+0 (black)
  • Page color:1+1 (black)
  • Box paper:Sticker on match box
  • Book coverpaper:250 gsm uncoated
  • Paper:115 gsm uncoated
  • Binding:Perfect
  • Cover:Soft
  • Printing:Digital
  • Quantity:10

When thinking about how to make a very small book, I realized that there was no limit of smallness. So I needed a restriction. Then I decided to make a book that fits in a match box which is a small object that we use in daily life. So I started to think of the content. And then I decided to make the book of Hans Christian Andersen's 'The Little Match Girl'. Generally I think of the content first and make the design later. But in this case I did the opposite.

Thanks to Azra Genim and Murat Çetin.